Our Company

AUTOHELLAS S.A. is the largest Rent a Car company in Greece, according to its financial capacity and the size of the fleet of vehicles it manages. Furthermore, it is the biggest national franchisee of Hertz International in Europe.

AUTOHELLAS S.A (HERTZ) operates in Greece for more than 44 years. Since 1978 until today, it constantly holds first place in the car hire field. Hertz - AutoHellas was awarded for two consecutive years, 1998 and 1999, by the travel industry as the best rent a car company in Greece for high standard services rendered (TTG Award).

AutoHellas/s main concern is its human resources, which in 2004 exceeded 550. The company's employees and executives are carefully chosen, highly educated and experienced. During the last two years, Autohellas has put in practice an ambitious educational program for most of it's personnel, aiming to the improvement of the services offered.

In 2011, Hertz fleet reached over 23,000 cars of event type, operated by 115 locations all over Greece, 21 of which are located in airports.

Short History

The following dates are important landmarks in the history of AUTOHELLAS:

1962 The Company Hertz Hellas was established by Hertz American Express Ltd.

1966 Mr Th. Vassilakis signs an associated contract with Hertz International, to operatel in Crete. The initial fleet of cars consists of 6 Volkswagen Beetle. The company TH. VASSILAKIS SA is established.

1972 The Company expands its presence also in Rhodes. The fleet of the company sums up to 300 cars.

1974 Mr Th. Vassilakis takes over Hertz Hellas, a subsidiary of Hertz International, renames it AUTOHELLAS S.A and assumes representation of Hertz all over Greece.

1983 AUTOHELLAS is awarded the European Highest Overall Standards Cup by Hertz Europe.

1986 AUTOHELLAS is awarded for the second time the European Highest Overall Standards Cup by Hertz Europe.

1989 Hertz introduces the concept of Fleet Management (long term hire and fleet management) in Greece to better meet corporate needs.

1998 Renewal of the franchise agreement with Hertz Corporation for a period of 26 years until 31/12/2023.

1999 AUTOHELLAS becomes a public company and its shares are listed on the Main Market of the Athens Stock Exchange.

2001 Hertz receives for fifth consecutive time the award for the world's best car rental company.

2003 AUTOHELLAS acquires BEMAL AUTO LTD in Bulgaria, the local Hertz franchisee and importers/distributor of SEAT and AUDI in Bulgaria.

2005 AUTOHELLAS takes over the Hertz franchise in Cyprus.

2007 AUTOHELLAS establishes Autotechnica Fleet Services SRL in Romania. The new company will use the Hertz brand for Operating Leasing.

2010 AUTOHELLAS establishes Autotechnica Serbia D.O.O., a Hertz franchisee for the country of Serbia. The company is operating in both Rent a Car and Operating Leasing sectors.  

2011 AUTOHELLAS establishes Autotechnica Montenegro D.O.O., a Hertz franchisee for the country of Montenegro. The company is operating in both Rent a Car and Operating Leasing sectors.