Hertz Leasesaver

If you want a really low cost solution on renting a car, you can choose one of the solutions offered by the programme "Hertz Leasesaver".

With this programme, you have the opportunity to choose between 20 different types of cars from the fleet of Hertz, lightly used, in an excellent condition and warranted by Hertz.

The flexibility of this programme serves your needs and offers you many possibilities, such as:
  • Employees (salesmen - executive staff) will drive your cars during their training
  • Season salesmen for special promotions will drive your cars.
  • Your existing company fleet will be upgraded at the same or a lower cost.
  • Lease Start Vehicles: you will be able to use temporary cars until the delivery of new ones.
  • Pick-up & delivery: we will pick up and deliver rented cars from and to your workplace for scheduled service.

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From mobiles: 210 6264100
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