Leasing Services

HERTZ offers you the possibility to choose the car of your preference. Your personal Leasing consultant will direct you individually to find the term (1 to 5 years) and the type of Leasing (with or without Buy Back option) that better suits your needs. This way, your assets are available for other use and your time is better spent on other important productive activities.
Specifically, the services that we provide to you and your corporate fleet include:
  • Service (scheduled service and unforeseen failures) 
  • Body shop repairs
  • Change of tyres
  • Insurance (Third Party, Fire, Theft, Liability Insurance)
  • Road taxes
  • Road assistance all over Greece, 24 hours a day
  • Temporary replacement car in case of breakdown failure, or accident
  • Replacement of your car in case of theft, or total loss
  • Accident management
At the same time, Hertz can offer you a series of other personalized services:
  • The delivery of new vehicles
    at the place of your preference. 
  • Pick up and Delivery from your workplace for scheduled services. 
  • Additional insurance against 
    natural causes, terrorist attacks, 
    partial theft, rupture of glass, etc.
  • Maintenance at authorized 
    dealerships service locations. 

Whatever the particularities of your company, HERTZ can vouch for your entire fleet management.

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Leasing Services
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