Travel info for Karpathos

Welcome to Karpathos!
- Karpathos. The city of Karpathos or Pigadia is the capital of the island and the main port. This natural port has three islets in its entrance, a vibrant commercial life and a satisfactory nightlife, while it combines modern multi-story buildings and traditional stone houses. On a low hill, visitors will get the chance to see the remnants of the ancient acropolis and the Eparheio, with the library and the interesting small open museum. The exhibits there vary from building architectural parts to temples, altars and a marble early Christian baptistery. The Cave of Poseidon, a tomb crafted on the rocks in the location Myloi and the remnants of the church of Agia Fotini (5th - 6th century) in location Afoti are definitely worth a visit.
- Aperi - Volada - Othos. An imposing village, the former capital of the island and where the metropolitan church is located, Aperi is built at an altitude of 320 meters and cannot be seen by the sea. From the top of the Koraki Hill, with the remnants of the city’s ancient acropolis, the view is scintillating. In the nearby Volada (2 km from Aperi), in the Lastos forest, there are remnants of 3 castles of the early Copper era (3000 BC). Volada, at a 440 meters altitude, is a stunning village of traditional Karpathian architecture. The village Othos is always nice and breezy, since it’s built at an altitude of 510 meters, and it’s known for the beautiful gardens, the cozy Folk Art Museum and the church of Virgin Mary’s Dormition, dated back to the 17th century. It’s only 2 kilometers from Volada.
- Spoa – Mesohori. These two lovely villages are in the center of the island. In Spoa, you will observe that the houses are built right next to one another, while the main church of Eftampousa with seven gates is truly impressive. Mesohori is located about 4.5 km to the west. Its architecture, the springs and the narrow ascending streets with the stairs are truly exceptional.
 - Olympos: The visit in this mountainous village of northern Karpathos is a unique experience. The entire settlement is an open museum. The distinctive architecture (almost all the houses have their own mill and chapel), the houses that descend on a steep cliff and the way everything blends to this wildly beautiful landscape is just breathtaking. Definitely worth mentioned are: the church of Virgin Mary of the 16th century with the amazing wooden temple and the churches of Virgin Mary Chryssovalantou, Agios Onoufrios and Agia Triada. 
- Saria. An uninhabited islet on the north part of Karpathos, where remnants of the ancient city of Nisyros, which historian Stravon mentioned in his work, are scattered. The islet is divided from Karpathos by a small strait. The area is also of a big ecological importance, mainly for its fauna (birds and the Mediterranean seal).
Karpathos is neither a small nor a geographically ordinary island. It’s the second biggest island of Dodecanese after Rhodes, with an area of 301 sq. km big, a coastline of 160 km and it has three mountains, the tallest of which is Kali Limni (1.215 meters). It’s quite elongated, so the distances are neither small nor especially easy and comfortable. However, the view to the Aegean, the mountains, the villages, the steep cliffs and the greenery are truly impressive. It’s also worth mentioning that the streets all over the road network are almost never busy.
The roads that stand out are: the one that connects Karpathos with Mesohori and Spoa, through the villages of Othos and Pyles (31km) and especially its coastal part and the route from Mesohori to Spoa, through gorges, pine forests and steep rocks. The route towards Olympos is also wildly beautiful.
Only few of the interesting routes are listed below:
    Since the distances are quite long and tricky, it’s better to drive on a full tank of gas.
    You should be prepared to experience fog around the mountainous villages.
    Homer named this island “Anemoessa”. The strong winds can sometimes affect the stability of the car, if you are driving very fast. 

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