Travel info for Skiathos

Welcome to Skiathos!


- The Hora of Skiathos. The port and capital of the island is situated on the east. The Hora of Skiathos is built amphitheatrically on the slopes of two low piney hills, filled with white traditional houses, with red tiled roofs. It doesn’t need more than a second to realize that this island is charming and relaxing.
The first stroll should be at Bourtzi, the piney islet with the remnants of the medieval fortification. The second stroll should be at the main Papadiamantis Street, which leads us to the house of the prominent Greek writer that today hosts a museum with his name. You can then visit the churches of Mitropolis, of Panagia Limnia near the beach and of Agios Nikolaos uptown, with the beautiful view and the windmill, which now operates as a restaurant.
During your tour of Hora, you will discover traces of an ancient pier with a very old inscription, the traditional fishing bay and, on the northeast side of the port, the natural wetland of Agios Georgios Lake with the rich flora and fauna.
- Koukounaries Bay and other wetlands. On the northwest side of Skiathos, visitors will see the habitat of Koukounaries, which has an immense ecological and aesthetical importance. The tree Koukounaria (pinus pinea), this rare and beautiful pine species, which gave its name to the beach and the location, prevails either in separate clusters or mixed with common pines. There are more than 35 recorded migratory bird species, many reptiles, small mammals (squirrels, porcupines, weasels, ferrets) and an interesting list of low vegetation and bushes species. Koukounaries are about 13 kilometers from Hora and it’s a protected area, as are the two other remarkable wetlands of the island; Agios Georgios in the bay of Skiathos and Vromolimnios-Argyrolimnios in the bay of Platanias, 7 kilometers from Hora, on the way to Koukounaries.
- The beaches. Skiathos boasts many magical beaches. Megali Ammos, Lalaria, Mpanana and Koukounaries are for sure the most famous ones, but the list is endless, especially if you have a boat. Achladies, Agia Eleni, Agia Paraskevi, Kastro, Xanemos, Mytikas, Vasilias, Kanapitsa. Organized or isolated, long or smaller, these truly magnificent beaches scattered in about 70 bays and coves are waiting to be explored.
- The medieval city of the Castle. On the north side of the island, which is more easily accessible by boat, you will see the medieval state of the Castle (14th century). If you want to drive there, you should definitely have a 4x4 since the dirt road is rough and actually stops about a kilometer away. The city was partially naturally fortified, by a high steep cliff, on top of which it was built. Three churches are preserved out of the 22 originally established: Agia Marina, Agios Nikolaos and the most important with murals from 1621 and an ornate wooden temple of 1695. Also preserved are the water tanks, a gate with the distinctive defense machicolation, walls, a mosque, a canon, remnants of the headquarters and other buildings.
- The sea caves. Only by boat and provided that the sea is calm, you can visit the sea caves on the northeast side of the island and enjoy the astounding, natural, chromatic and echo effects. The most known ones are the Blue and the Dark cave.


Hora - Megali Ammos – Kanapitsa - Koukounaries: This is a nice comfortable 13 kilometer drive, which runs through the south coastline, few amazing beaches and 2 out of the 3 wetlands of Skiathos. Alternatively, half way through you can drive the beautiful circular route around the small peninsula of Kanapitsa.

Troulos – Moni Konistras – Mega Aselinos: During the 14 kilometers drive we see the small village of Zorbades, with the traditional architecture and the interesting Metabyzantine monasteries and churches, either on or off the road. We cross through a richly vegetated landscape and the equestrian club, which is on the way, is yet another direct way to enjoy it.

The semi-mountainous dirt roads: If you have rented a 4x4, you should explore the dense dirt road network of the island. Pine forests, dense heaths, small vineyards and olive groves, plateaus, serenity and amazing view to the emerald blue of the sea and the sky.


• The biggest part of the island is covered by forests. The risk of a fire is always present due to the specific type of forests and the strong winds that blow in the area. So, be extra careful with lit cigarettes, trash and even your car’s sizzling catalysts over dry plants.
• There are 5 gas stations around the city of Skiathos.
• You will experience a parking problem only during the month of August, around Hora and in the south road network.
• The roads of Skiathos have the usual bumps we see in all the Greek islands. Don’t speed and don’t carry heavy loads in your car. 

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