In Autohellas SA our goal is to offer the best quality service to our clients while consuming as few resources as possible. We understand sustainable development, as an attempt to build a more competitive and low emission economy which makes efficient use of resources, taking into account environmental protection. Applying environmental friendly policies and procedures across the range of our activities, particularly in terms of recycling and environmental management, we strive to reduce our environmental footprint proving our commitment to sustainable development with transparency and accountability. 

In detail, the measures we implement are presented below: 

• Maintain a fleet with low average age. The newer, and therefore more technologically advanced cars, emit fewer grams of carbon dioxide compared with the older generation ones thus significantly reducing our environmental footprint as a company. 

• Through the “Become a Green Driver!” program, which is systematically promoted in our website and upon delivery of cars to the customers, we provide advice to drivers for smart eco-driving. The goal of the program is to encourage drivers to drive in such way as to reduce the environmental impact through reduced fuel consumption and reduced emissions. 

• Recycling of materials and supplies. Waste and trash associated with the operation of the stations and central offices such as paper, toner and household batteries, are recycled regularly helping to reduce our direct environmental impact. 

• Increased participation of Eco-friendly vehicles to our fleet. On our website, we present the Eco-friendly cars which our customers can choose resulting in a reduction of the indirect environmental footprint caused by using our vehicles.

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