Autohellas recognizes that the achievement of strategic objectives and the maintenance of growth, is intrinsically connected to the human resources. 

Autohellas pays special attention to maintaining jobs, choosing honest employees, monitoring the degree of their satisfaction, evaluating their performance correctly and objectively, taking care of their health and safety at the work environment and constantly training them. 


Health and Safety 

Although the nature of the Company’s operations does not involve significant risks to Health and Safety issues, the company takes care to ensure appropriate work conditions and compliance with basic health and safety rules is achieved, in order to maintain a safe work environment and protect its employees. 

• Design and implement appropriate tools and protection measures such as pharmacies in customer service stations. 

• Continuous monitoring of corporate activities in order to identify potential risks and take relative preemptive measures. 

• Periodic doctor visits at stations and headquarters.

Human Rights 

The Company respects the International Human Rights Principles included in the International Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations and specifically, among others, the principles of: 

• equal treatment 

• respect of human rights 

• diversity 

• providing equal opportunities to all employees and 

• avoiding child or forced labor use 

Ensuring human rights is a key issue in training of our staff, which is performed with a scope to ensure parity and equal treatment of each customer and to prevent any kind of racist behavior.

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