e-Scooter rental by Autohellas!

Electric mobility in Autohellas is definitely not only about cars. 

Ride the new SEAT MÓ eScooter 125 and get around with the most easy and eco-friendly way, whether you're in the busy downtown or in a quite coastal island road.

Book now by calling us at 210 6264444.


SEAT  MÓ is the ideal way to move around because:

  • 100% electric scooter.
  • It can get up to 137km of autonomy.
  • Offers 3 driving mode, depending your needs. 
  • Accelerates 0-50 km/h in just 3.9 seconds with a maximum speed of 95km/h.
  • Get fully charged ( 0-100%) in just 6 hours, by connecting the detachable battery to a standard schuko plug.
  • The detachable battery can be easily transferred to any conventional plug. It can be also used to charge other devices.
  • There is space for two helmets under the seat to travel wherever you want with whoever you want.
  • The SEAT MÓ is equivalent to a 125cc scooter, which means you can drive it with a A1 category driving license.

Find here Terms and Conditions to rent a Seat MÓ from Autohellas.


Discover the SEAT MÓ:


Find here more information about eScooter rental

Rent the electric scooters at the bellow areas:

Available for rental in Athens

For bookings call at 2106264444 or email.

Available for rental in Mykonos

For bookings call at 22890 27346 or email.

Available for rental in Paros

For bookings call at 22840 28113, 22840 90751 or email.

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