As social responsibility forms an integral part of the culture of the Company, it is our duty to contribute to society in every possible way. With our social contribution, multiple benefits for tourism, employment, local communities and government revenue arise. 

Support of socially vulnerable groups 

Through donations and sponsorships we support the sensitive and socially vulnerable groups. Among others for 2017, examples of this social contribution are donations towards the Center for Individuals with Special Needs “Hara”, the “Smile of the Child”, Corfu’s orphanage. Other donations have been provided to “Friends of PIKPA” association and “Kivotos Tou Kosmou”. 

Support of education and research 

In 2017, we supported through donations ALBA Graduate Business School and the School Committee for Secondary Education. Also, we actively participate in young people education by providing internships in our company in Greece. 

Support of the local community and promotion of the cultural heritage of the country 

Our company actively supports cultural heritage of the country through donations and sponsorships, among others, through occasional sponsorships to films with subjects like Greek History and Biographies, the most recent movie/biography being the “Nikos Kazantzakis”. 

Supporting the local community is confirmed by the annual cost and labor coverage for the repair of part of the fleet of Greek Police and donations to the Economic Police & Electronic Crime Police from 2012 until today, as well as contributions to the Municipality of Kifissia. 

Promoting sports 

Autohellas SA sponsors BC Kifissia in A1 Basketball, official supporter of BC Psichiko in A2 Basketball League and was a proud supporter of the Greek Olympic Team and ‘Ellada Mporeis’ program. 

High quality of services 

We offer our customers high quality of services at all stages of renting a car, on choosing it, booking it, customer service at the stations and rewarding the members of Hertz Gold Plus Rewards and Fly and Drive programs in cooperation with Aegean Airlines and Olympic Air. 

Special reference should be made to our services which provide technologically advanced options to the customers in order to save time and effort when booking a car and booking appointments for maintenance or repair in one of our garages. In our Customer Service Department, customers can contact us every day, either by phone or via the electronic contact form on our website. The call center of our company, operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can handle reservations and customer requests at any time. Finally, we maintain an open dialogue with the community via social media, answering and informing immediately on all developments and news concerning the company.

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