A new service is offered by HERTZ AUTO HELLAS S.A with the launching of a special program of luxury cars - The Prestige Fleet

Опубликовано в: 15.05.2001
In order to improve its customer service and to meet certain private or business requirements in transportation, HERTZ has launched a new service, the “PRESTIGE FLEET”. This concerns rental facilities of the most favoured luxury cars such as Jaguar S-Type, Porsche, Grand-Cherokee, Mercedes S-320 and SLK, Saab Cabrio, Audi TT and others.

In particular for users of the internet who are planning a wedding, the facility is also offered for rental of Prestige Fleet cars from the electronic address www.wedsite.gr.

In view of the new services offered by Hertz Autohellas S.A, with the inauguration of additional sales points and the operation of more customer service stations, in addition to activities for development in the tourist sector, the company’s management is confident of a further increase in its market share.
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