HERTZ AUTOHELLAS S.A : An impressive presence at the "6th Tourist Panorama" fair

Опубликовано в: 03.05.2001

HERTZ AUTOHELLAS S.A participated with great success in the “6th Tourist Panorama” fair which took place in the exhibition space of HELEXPO from April 26 to 30 2001.

A magnet of attraction for visitors to the exhibition was HERTZ’s splendid stand, at which the company’s activities and novel services on offer were presented. Visitors who, at first indication exceeded 35,000 showed especial interest in the innovation of the collaboration between HERTZ and AEGEAN AIRLINES, with the low rental costs offered by the company to all passengers of the airline.

Moreover interest on the part of both visitors and agents also focused on the new “DRIVE THE WORLD” programme offering the possibility of car rental in 110 countries outside Greece, at low-cost Greek car-rental rates.

Another new service which drew the attention of the public was the PRESTIGE FLEET, concerning rental of the most popular luxury cars such as Jaguar, Porsche, Grand-Cherokee, Mercedes SLK, Saab Cabrio, Audi TT and others.

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