Car rental in Samos

A walk on the island

Samos, the island of Pythagoras, is famous for the production of its wines, a place full of colors, flowers, beautiful spots and people, in the mood to make you have a great time. The capital of the island is Vathy, a charming town offering several entertainment and dining options. Of course, there is also the seductive beaches, some with pebbles and others with sand. The size and morphology of Samos makes renting a car a necessity, which car you can choose from 1 of the service points located at Samos airport, Vathy and Pythagoreio.

Locations in Samos

To explore the cool beaches of Samos and its beautiful landscapes, you will need to rent a car. You can choose the right vehicle for you from the biggest and most varied fleet of vehicles in 1 of our Autohellas Hertz locations. You can choose additional vehicle insurance products or optional equipment to make your rides more carefree.

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The island offers a wide variety of attractions and historical monuments. It is known for its natural beauty with its gorges and its cultural heritage.


With an area of 476 square kilometers and 160 km of coastline, Samos will not disappoint those who like touring.

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