Exclusively Yours Leasing Service

Exclusively Yours, provides drivers of leased company cars with the opportunity to buy the car they love and trust at unbeatable prices, and at the same time benefit from a number of unique benefits that only Autohellas Hertz can provide, such as:

  • Free 1st service (including oil check / filters check / technical control).
  • 25% discount on parts replacement & service/bodyshop repairs, on every Autotechnica garage.
  • 30% discount when purchasing Bridgestone or Firestone tires.
  • Get bonus points when paying with your Alpha Bonus debit or credit card.

• It sounds very interesting. How it works?
One month before the expiry of the company car’s lease, both driver and the company will receive from us a purchase offer via email. The driver -in priority- has at its disposal 10 business days to accept the offer or forward to anyone that might be interested. After this period, the purchasing offer will be available to every employee of the company.

• How our company can benefit from the service?
Having in mind that this particular car might be his/hers in the future, the driver has an extra incentive to better use the car, which can further reduce your costs, both in term of money and time, due to damages caused by misuse.

• Do we need to do something in order our company to participate in Exclusively Yours?
No! Autohellas Hertz Operating Leasing clients, both existing and new, automatically participate in the program.

• My car lease expires soon, but I have not received the purchasing offer yet. What should I do?
All purchasing offers are sent via email, one month before the expiry of your car lease. If you have not received the purchasing offer yet, please contact us through email

• I received the offer and I want to buy the car. What should I do?
All you have to do is to contact us at 210 65 12 423 or via email and we will guide through the whole process.

Please note that the acquisition of the car cannot be completed before the end of the lease period and the return of the car to our premises. If the company decides to extend the lease then the acquisition offer will only apply after the end of the lease period and return of the car.

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