Car rental in Larissa

A walk in the town

Larissa is a picturesque city located in the center of the Thessalian plain and is the economic, administrative and scientific center of Thessaly. Its geographical location is an important element for its tourism development. You can combine the enjoyment of the beautiful beaches with visits to villages, churches and monasteries, as well as walks on forest paths and ascents on the peaceful Kissavos. To experience this complete city experience you need a rental car, which you can choose from our store located in the city center.

Locations in Larissa

To explore the beautiful villages and paths of Larissa you need a rental car. All you need to do is visit the Autohellas Hertz store in the city center to find the right vehicle for you. You can choose additional vehicle insurance products and equipment to make your rides more carefree.

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The rich cultural, economic and historical past is evident in every corner of the city as it is surrounded by impressive sights. A single visit is not enough to admire them, but we have gathered the most important ones you can visit.


The rides that you can take with your rental car, starting from Larissa are countless and you won't know which one to choose, so we have gathered the most important ones that are worth seeing.

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