Car rental in Karpathos

A walk on the island

Karpathos, the second biggest island of the Dodecanese, it is situated between Rhodes and Crete. The capital of the island is the town of Karpathos, which also goes by the name Pigadia. The variety and chromatic magic of Karpathos natural landscape will enchant you. The changes and contrasts are so frequent and unexpected that they leave no room for monotony and boredom. The morphology of the island makes it necessary to rent car, which you can find in 1 of our 2 locations, in Pigadia and at the airport.

Locations in Karpathos

By renting a car from Autohellas Hertz in Karpathos, you will be able to explore the picturesque landscapes and beautiful beaches of the island. We are waiting you to give you all the information needed about its attractions and routes. If you choose additional equipment and coverings you will make your tour easier and more enjoyable.

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The rich cultural and historical past is evident in every corner of Karpathos as it is surrounded by impressive sights. A single visit is not enough to admire them, but we have gathered the most important ones you can visit.


Karpathos is not a small island, nor is it an ordinary island in terms of morphology. It has an elongated shape, so the distances are neither short nor particularly easy and relaxing. But almost all of them compensate you with the view of the sea, the mountains, the villages of special aesthetics, the rocks and the green patches that appear in places on the island.

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