Electric Lease Program

Autohellas Hertz, as a pioneer in leasing services, is always a step forward in the development of the car and the satisfaction of your needs. So now that the money saving needs and the overall reduction of pollutants in the environment is important, it innovates and offers you electric cars for leasing through the Electric Lease service.

Benefit from the full coverage package that we always offer you and start enjoying all the benefits and services of Electric Lease today.

10 Reasons to get an electric car with Electric Lease

1. They require less energy:

In relation to the energy they consume, they deliver up to 90% of work when the internal combustion engines produce about 30%, making the electric car engines environmentally friendly.

2. They are pleasant to drive:

Electric cars are automatic. Also, due to the operation of their engine and the conversion of the engine to a generator, when we leave the accelerator pedal, they are braking. They can therefore be driven mostly only with the accelerator and the brake pedal only to assist in emergency situations.

3.  They produce instant torque:

​To reach the maximum of their performance, today's engines need to increase speed. Electric motors perform exactly the same work from the first gear shift. So acceleration is instant.​

4. They have zero emissions:

Electric cars also require energy. However, we can have electricity from renewable sources, which means zero emissions in its production, and zero in its consumption.

5. They recuperate energy:

Electric cars can be charged by converting into electrical energy from braking or coasting of the engine on downhill gradients.

6. They fit more in:

Nowadays, batteries may require a lot of space for their placement, but at the same time they are also a structural part of the frame. Thus, there is a large space free for passengers and luggage, compared to conventional cars.

7. They are silent:

Only if you drive an electric car you will realize the highest level of silence inside it, so that you can enjoy your music, as well as the route, better.

8. Minimum noise pollution:

Electric engines let only a slight whistle sound.

9. They are easily and cheaply maintained:

Forget oil and swab changes, filters, valve adjustment, leaks and about 80% of mechanical damage. Unlike electromotors consisting of 6 to 16 mechanical parts, the conventional exceeds 100, resulting in a much higher maintenance cost. In electric cars, maintenance will take only a few minutes.

10. They will cost less:

Today electric cars are more expensive than the conventional ones, but this is something that doesn't concern you. Because when there is Electric Lease by Autohellas Hertz, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of an electric vehicle is lower than a conventional one's and therefore, the benefits to your pocket are greater.

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