Car rental in Santorini

A walk on the island

Santorini is one of the southernmost and most impressive islands of the Cyclades, known worldwide. A sense of romance and enchantment will take you over at the view of the volcanic landscapes and the unique scenery of the caldera, but also with the stories surrounding its relationship with the lost Atlantis. The white buildings and churches as well as the scattered picturesque villages of Santorini will impress you. To be able to cross the island and taste this experience that Santorini offers you, you need to rent a car by choosing 1 of our locations at the airport and the area of Monolithos.

Locations in Santorini

You can admire the impressive view of the Aegean Sea and the beauty of the island from many points. All you will need to do is to rent a car from Autohellas Hertz in Santorini. We have the biggest fleet of vehicles where you will surely find the one that suits you. You can choose additional vehicle insurance products to make your rides more carefree.

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The whole island is an attraction in itself as apart from its unique beauty it is also an active volcano. Every corner can offer you an amazing view to the light blue waters of the Aegean Sea.


Combining both the beautiful view to the sea and the impressive beaches as well as the picturesque villages and settlements of beautiful houses and small churches. The routes you can take with your rental car to visit them are magnificent.

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