Leased Car Pickup

Upon receiving the car and signing the Car Pickup Document, you will receive the following from our representative:

  1. Driver’s Kit, which includes:
    • Rental agreement
    • Registration certificate (copy or original for commercial vehicles)
    • Proof of road tax payment
    • Car Insurance Certificate
  2. One (1) key
  3. Mandatory car equipment (fire extinguisher, first aid kit, warning triangle, car manual)
  4. Driver’s guide

The rental agreement must always be kept inside the car and presented whenever requested by the authorities. In case of its loss, request a reissue by emailing

Driver’s Basic Obligations

Some essential things to know before hitting the road:

  • Only authorized drivers should operate the car.
  • All fines resulting from violations of the Traffic Code or omissions (e.g., emissions control card, vehicle inspection) are the sole responsibility of the driver, the lessee, or your Company. In such cases, Autohellas Hertz must be informed promptly to avoid potential surcharges and legal costs.
  • Adding any additional equipment or accessories (e.g., tow bar) requires prior approval from Autohellas Hertz.
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