Maintenance/Leased Car Repair

For the proper functioning and safety of the car, it is good to frequently check the following:

  1. Engine oil level
  2. Coolant level
  3. Condition and tire pressure
  4. Proper functioning of lights
  5. Brake fluid level
  • Regular maintenance (service), as well as preventive checks on the car, are done in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions or according to the car's electronic indicators, always by appointment.
  • Equipping the car with an exhaust control card (E.C.C.) is mandatory after the first year of circulation. The lessee must ensure the issuance and annual renewal of the E.C.C., as well as the vehicle inspection after the first 4 years and any other document specified by law. 
  • Tire changes are exclusively carried out due to normal wear and tear after inspection.
  • For repair work related to body shops, a prior 'Accident Declaration' is necessary.

All the above-mentioned tasks are exclusively performed at Autotechnica's authorized repair shops or at affiliated ones recommended by Autohellas Hertz.

Before visiting the repair shop, don't forget to contact us, as without prior notification and written approval from Autohellas Hertz, repair invoices or spare parts (including tire repairs) will not be accepted.

Autotechnica Repair Shops


Argyroupoli: 210 9982 930-1-2
Kifissia: 210 800 3900
Peania: 210 6646 021-23
THESSALONIKI: 2310 476270-74
HERAKLION: 2810 382230
PATRAS: 2610 220990
CORFU: 26610 38388

RHODES: 22410 25888


In case the expense is approved, the invoice must be issued with the following details:


Address: VILTIANIOTI 31, 145 64 KIFISSIA


Tax Identification Number: 094005806

Tax Office: FAE ATHENS

For better and faster service, you can schedule your appointment online through

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