Theft of Leased Car

What to do in case of theft of the leased vehicle

Step 1

In the event of a complete theft of the car, you should act swiftly and purposefully. Your first action should be to report the incident to the police station in the area where the theft occurred.

Step 2

Next, you should immediately call one of the following service centers:

  • Peania (210 6646 021)
  • Kifissia (210 800 3900)
  • Argyroupoli (210 9982 940-3)

Step 3

Furthermore, within 24 hours, you should personally visit the central offices of Autohellas Hertz (Viltanioti 31, Kifissia), or the nearest service station if you are outside Athens, to file a written report of the theft and return the car keys.

The above deadlines and obligations are exceptionally important and should not be disregarded. Finally, always remember that compliance with all safety rules to avoid such incidents is a contractual obligation of every driver, so:

  • Ensure that the car is securely locked when you are not inside. If negligence in the event of theft is determined by the insurance company, the damage will not be covered, and the cost will be the responsibility of the lessee.
  • Avoid leaving personal items (e.g., bags) and valuables (e.g., laptop) inside the vehicle.
  • Avoid parking in places where flammable materials are under the car, such as dry grass, as there is a serious risk of fire.


Failure to deliver the car keys invalidates theft insurance coverage.

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