Travelling Abroad with your Leased Car | Autohellas Hertz

If you wish to travel abroad with your vehicle, you must inform Autohellas Hertz in writing by sending an email to at least 5 working days before the vehicle exits Greece and obtain the corresponding approval.

Together with the approval, we will provide you with the International Green Card of Insurance, the issuance of which is at the lessee's expense.

Additionally, you should be aware that:

  1. During your stay abroad, the car is insured only with Third-Party Insurance (bodily injuries, third-party property damage), and none of the additional insurances are valid.
  2. In the event of damage or an accident, the car must be repatriated at the driver's expense up to the Greek borders.
  3. Any repair expenses or other costs incurred due to damage/accident while the vehicle is abroad are the responsibility of the driver (unless there is a different written agreement with Autohellas Hertz).
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