Accident Care

What to do in case of damage or accident

Autohellas Hertz offers free 24-hour roadside assistance in collaboration with Interamerican for cases of damage or accidents wherever you are in Greece!

Useful Contact Information:

INTERAMERICAN: 210 626 46 46 (in case of accidents) 

24/7 Hertz Support: 210 626 49 99 (in any other case you need assistance)

In the event of damage, call Interamerican roadside assistance, stating the registration number and that the car is leased from Autohellas Hertz. If feasible, Interamerican will repair your car on the spot at no charge. In case of an accident, follow these steps:

  • If there are injuries, call the Police (100) and seek first aid (166). Also, don't forget to request a copy of your deposition.
  • Do not acknowledge any third-party claims.
  • Call the Interamerican Accident Care service for completing the Accident Report (with or without Friendly Settlement), as well as collecting the information of all involved parties.
  • Submit the Accident Report within 48 hours to the Hertz Accidents Department via email ( or at the nearest service station.
  • Do not drive the car unless you are sure it is safe. If not certain, contact the nearest main Autohellas Hertz branch or Roadside Assistance.
  • If necessary, the car will be towed to an Autohellas Hertz repair shop or another location as indicated by Autohellas Hertz, with prior coordination.


For coverage from Autohellas Hertz, you must call the police and/or Interamerican accident care for every accident, at any time and wherever you are in Greece.

Replacement Car

For the mentioned cases, Autohellas Hertz provides a replacement car as per the terms of the Lease Agreement. Pickup and return of the replacement car are arranged with Autohellas Hertz after the repair works. Please note that fuel consumption expenses for the replacement car are the lessee's responsibility, and the driven kilometers are added to the lease agreement's total.

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