Hertz Lease & AEGEAN Miles+Bonus | Terms & Conditions

Members can earn or redeem miles for HERTZ car Leasing in Greece, through the partnership with AUTOHELLAS S.A. (hereinafter “AUTOHELLAS HERTZ”), located at 31 Viltanioti St., Kifissia.

HERTZ Leasing agreement and car pick-up should be performed directly via official AUTOHELLAS HERTZ network in Greece.


  1. Miles will be registered in the Account of the Member declared by the signer of the Leasing agreement.
  2. Miles will be registered only based on the leasing monthly rate. All other payments that may occur during the lease or at its expiration, such as guarantees, damage charges, exemptions, extra kilometers, etc. are excluded.
  3. Miles will be registered only to new leasing agreements starting from 18/05/2022 onwards that will participate in the program showing a corresponding symbol.
  4. It is stipulated that the miles will be credited in the Account only after the payment of the respective invoiced monthly rate.
  5. It is clarified that in case of termination of the Leasing agreement, Miles will not be registered.
  6. AUTOHELLAS HERTZ offers 3 miles for every 2 Euros of the offer’s monthly rate, for all Leasing “scenarios” made through the Online Leasing Calculator.
  7. AUTOHELLAS HERTZ may, at its discretion, offer the same or a different ratio of Miles per Euro at its own time to selected cars, Leasing rates or customers.
  8. The Miles granted are Award Miles, as defined in chapter 3 “MILES/CATEGORIES ETC.".
  9. Miles do not have any commercial value and cannot be exchanged for money. Any disposal (sale, exchange etc.) of Miles or offers is automatically considered invalid.
  10. In the event of the Miles+Bonus Program’s cancellation, as specified in the General Terms, all the collected Miles shall be automatically cancelled and cannot be exchanged with offers.
  11. Each member-passenger must indicate his/her Account Number when signing the Hertz Leasing agreement. Otherwise, proper registration of the Miles will not be possible. The leasing agreement, payment receipts, and/or any other relevant documentary evidence should be retained by the Member until the Miles attributable to the car rental services appear in his/her Account. AEGEAN may, at its discretion, determine whether the documents submitted by the Member constitute sufficient proof or not.
  12. AUTOHELLAS HERTZ and AEGEAN have no responsibility or obligation to collect, record or maintain Miles on behalf of the Customer who has rented a car through the Hertz Leasing program, unless he/she has declared a valid Account number.
  13. AEGEAN holds no responsibility with regard to the Hertz Leasing terms and conditions, unavailability or other problems that may arise through the AUTOHELLAS HERTZ leasing process.
  14. In the event that earned Miles from car Leasing with AUTOHELLAS HERTZ in Greece, do not appear in the Account, please send AEGEAN the AUTOHELLAS HERTZ leasing rate payment receipt (via the form https://aegeanairlines.custhelp.com/app/ask).
  15. Any objections relating to Miles Account transactions concerning a claim for a retroactive credit should be notified to AEGEAN within twelve (12) months from the date of the rental completion/vehicle delivery.
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