In which documents or accompanying materials of the car do the drivers and passengers appear?
  1. The driver and the co-driver of the car appear in the document that must be present inside the vehicle and exhibited in case of an accident or inspection by law enforcement.
  2. The driver of the car is also listed in the detailed accompanying statement of your company's invoice.
How can I change or add an additional driver to a vehicle?

For changing driver details or updating a vehicle with a new driver, log in to the Online Leasing Tool and locate the vehicle's license plate for which you want to modify the driver information, either in the "Fleet" section or in the "Drivers" section. Click on the driver's name you wish to modify to see their detailed profile. At the bottom right of the profile, select the "Change Details" button and update the form, then click "Save Details."

If you wish to add an additional (2nd) driver, from the "Drivers" section, select the profile of the first driver and then click on the "Add 2nd Driver" button if available at the bottom right of the profile. Lastly, enter the second driver's details in the form that opens and save the information by clicking "Save Details."

*In rare cases where you don't see the "Add 2nd Driver" button, ensure that you've opened the correct driver's profile and also that the vehicle for which you want to add a second driver doesn't already have someone else listed as the 2nd driver.

How do I add an authorized driver?

In the Online Leasing Tool, select the arrow next to the 'Drivers' option from the left navigation column. Click on 'Authorized Driver Management' and follow the instructions.

How will the changes of drivers made in the system be certified?

You can print the authorized drivers you've added to the system using the Online Leasing Tool, as well as the drivers identified with a specific car.

Additionally, if the change you made concerns the two main drivers, we will send you a new Lease Agreement with the updated details that should accompany the car.

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